Mounting Samba File System in FreeBSD with PAE Kernel Configuration

(Though jnlin and lwhsu are pushing me migrate the host of to amd64 architecture; for some historical reasons, my server will stay in i386-arch within a few years.)

In general case, FreeBSD users who want to mount a samba file system to node can be simply done by using “mount_smbfs” command; then, it will load “smbfs.ko” module automatically.
Thanks to KLD!! (Kernel LoaDable module)

But when booting the system into PAE mode, the kernel were static linked; so, kernel modules are invalid in this scenario. A similar circumstance would happen while trying mounting optical drives, such as CD, DVD and etc.
And there is a workaround….

To do so, you have to edit the kernel configuration file, and add lines.
For Samba:

options  NETSMB    # Samba file system network support
options  SMBFS     # Samba file system kernel option
options  LIBICONV  # Support for multi-charset

For CDFS (ISO9660):

options  CD9660
options  CD9660_ICONV

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