About Me

Name Kuo-Cheng Yeu (in general)
Gordon (English name)
kmd/kcyeu (when hacking)
Occupation Engineering Manager, uitox Global
Alma mater M.S., Graduate Institute of Computer and Communication, NTUT
B.S., Department of Electronic Engineering, NTUT
Diploma, Cheing-Kuo Senior High School, Taipei
Hobby Network Administration、Programming
Research domain 1. Mobile ad hoc networking
2. Network security
3. Heterogeneous service platform integration
Publications See Here
Side projects See My Lab

Kuo-Cheng Yeu was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electronic Engineering from National Taipei University of Technology in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2005 and 2008, respectively. He was a teaching assistant (2005-2007) in the Graduate Institute of Computer and Communication, National Taipei University of Technology.

His research interests include ad hoc networking, network security, and heterogeneous service integration. Much of his recent work focus on the analysis and design of mobile ad hoc networks, including traffic modeling, routing protocols. He is a student member of IEEE.

In addition to serving as lecturers and keynote speakers in many campus training courses, Kuo-Cheng Yeu was moderator of BBS in Computer and Network Center, NTUT, and was also administrator of mail server in Campus Computer Communication Association, NTUT.

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